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Solar Energy Company Egypt - PV panels Egypt
Solar Energy Company Egypt - PV panels Egypt
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Capturing the green energy advantage in Egypt

Solar Energy and Environment Technology Company (SEET) was formed in 1999 with the aim of propagating renewable energy applications in Egypt and the ME Region. Our expertise is in designing, sourcing, installation and training our staff as well as our customer's for complete renewable energy systems implementations in the domestic and industrial fields.

SEET’s dedicated technical staff has worked closely with reputable universities and research institutions in developing unique products, such as the SE-120, the first locally designed and produced closed-loop solar water heater - Egypt.

Applications include in Egypt solar heating systems, solar water heaters, solar irrigation pumps, solar submersible pumps, PV panels, LED lighting, thin films, small wind turbines, solar desalination, solar-wind hybrid systems, solar tracking systems among others.


SEET is a local representative of the Cyprus company KAFSON for solar water heaters, Egypt.


Solar Heating Systems Egypt | PV Panels Egypt | Solar Water Heaters Egypt