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In 2009 an agreement was signed between SEET and the University of Helwan for the supply of a Solar Desalinization System of sea water at one of the hotels in Hurghada ( SUNWATER Project ) through an RDI funded project. SEET was to be one of the six major contributors for the implementation of this project; as listed below:

Helwan University
South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Soest , Germany
Terrawater, Kiel , Germany
Sunrise Resorts & Cruises , Egypt
EndoEnergy , England
Sun Energy SE , Egypt

In order to attain the minimum required temperature of 90 C, SE choose AkoTec Company from Germany, as one of the best producers of “Vacuum Tubes” to supply the heating system for this project. The use of “Vacuum Tubes” is the best and most economical way to attain these temperatures for this size of project vs. the normal “Flat Collector” systems normally used in domestic and industrial solar heating systems. SEET subcontracted Acropol Company of Egypt for the supply and installation of the solar hot water system for this project. More details on the implementation of this project could be obtained from our website. Download report ¬†solar cookers egypt - PDF file.


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