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Central Solar Heating Systems


Applications for central solar heating systems:
Industrial (paints, textile, food, fabrics…..etc.)
Domestics (hotels, hospitals, eco-villages, etc…)

Main performance data:

Preferably Minimum consumption of 2500 liter/day
Maximum temperature of 80 C
Annual Solar Fraction 50-90%

Specification of central solar heating system:

High quality solar collectors with high absorption solar efficiency
No calcium deposits
Stainless steel tanks with high corrosion resistance
Low heat loses during the night
The system contains digital temperature display for (collectors, tank and thermal loads)
Advanced control technology gives possibility to use one solar system for several thermal loads and installation of monitoring system
The system contains an electric booster with automatic control
Fixed hot water temperature as an option
Possibility to install the solar collectors integrated with tilted roof
No maintenance required
100% environment friendly


More info:

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